Sunday, 18 March 2012

●•♥❤•● Exams are reminders of our laziness ♥ ヅ

its almost time

for this again . so stressfulness :( nex week will be formative examination . So,dats mean NO HANDPONES,NO FACEBOOK,NO BLOG,NO HANG OUT or NO WINDOW SHOPPING also NO PLAY-PLAY ! Althought to all my fren and my mr.saxobeat , DO NOT DISTURB ME ! okay ? i hav to focus in my study . . ahakkkksss . :P

For your information,my habit is i like to study LAST MINUTE wif my LUBBLY FREN --> EQA & AINA :)) if you don't believe,you can ask them :P we will study until early morning,sleep for one or two hour and wake up then take a bath and prepared to go pretty sure when I'm studying for my exam I will end up like this and most probably it will only occur
 the day before few days before my exam. 


and during final exam, i wish i would be like this. 

pouring out everything that I have learnt, read, studied and memorized on to that one whole booklet in every paper that I will be sitting for. 
This year is my second year im as a student nurse and now i was in semester 3. Next year will be in FINAL ! yeaaahhhh :)

Hopefully i will get a GOOD RESULT for this semester and carry for my FINAL EXAM.. insyaallah .. AMIN :D
For my batch a.k.a my classmate also my fren , i pray all of you passed the examination and will get a flying colours TOO . AMIN :D

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